//Cream Classical - 2019 | February

"Once again Cream has proved that for two nights only, God is a DJ."

- Jane Davies, Getintothis

Cream Classical headed back to its spiritual home, Liverpool Cathedral, for another spectacular event. The Kaleidoscope Orchestra, along with a 32 piece choir (Sense of Sound Singers), performed dance favourites from previous years of Cream Classical.

Curated by K-Klass, beautifully arranged by Tim Crooks and lead by the brilliantly energetic and captivating conductor, Steve Pycroft. This year, the show went out live. You can watch the full show now on YouTube.

Cream Classical - 2019 | February
Cream Classical - 2019 | February

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Cream Classical - 2019 Cream Classical - 2019 Cream Classical - 2019
Photography by Anthony Mooney ©