Amertiz Music publishes works from a huge range of artists based around the globe covering a wide variety of genres. We own the publishing rights for thousands of works which receive around 50 Million streams a month.

Music produced by our artists is submitted to PRS and PPL so that our artists receive accurate royalties for any streams of their work, live performance, radio broadcast, television broadcast or use of recordings in any public place where a PRS license is required.

Any physical sales or downloads of any of our music are collected by MCPS and then distributed to the artist accordingly. We endeavour to make sure that artist’s registrations are accurate and up to date to ensure that the artist’s royalty payments are prompt and accurate.

At Ameritz we are always looking for new and innovative ways to promote works from our catalogue to maximise opportunities for our artists and to maximise exposure for them.

We also handle synchronisation licensing for our artists if the opportunity arises to put their music to moving image. If you have any queries regarding music publishing at Ameritz Music Ltd please contact: info@ameritz.co.uk